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The total control on the products' quality differentiates the producers of the group. Elios Group regularly carries out supervision activities during the production process for the protection and guarantee of both the consumer and the GDO (large-scale retail trade) operators.
In-house farm companies belonging to the group supply the majority of the product marketed by Elios Group. All internal suppliers are Global Gap certified. The remaining percentage of raw material comes from external suppliers assessed by Elios Group's quality department:

1. The quality department of Elios Group controls and evaluates suppliers of raw materials according to pre-established parameters, such as, for instance, type and number of the active substances used for protection against diseases - that is if these are allowed in the product's final target market - registration of the crop sprayng, aspects relevant to GAPs, farmers training, field crop technical counselling, presence of any quality certification. The farmer can become a raw material supplier for Elios Group only if it exceeds a certain predetermined score. In confirmation of what assessed by this pre-evaluation, during the pre-harvesting multiresidual analyses are carried out on product samples in order to test the conformity with the customer's specifications.
2. Once the supplier is acquired, two field agronomists constantly supervise the product till its harvesting.
3. In proximity of the harvesting, field surveys are carried out to verify the compliance with the product's parameters required by the customer, such as colour, sugar content and commercial size. Such evaluations are then registered on appropriate rating cards.

In this way, Elios Group can entirely control the production process, starting from the field production phase. The possibility to intervene in any point of the production chain, permits to adjust the product to any of the market requirements