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Elios Group is an organization dealing with import and export of mainly Apulian fruit and vegetables. Established in 2008 by a group of long-standing professional entrepreneurs of the agri-food sector, willing to share their resources, energies and experience to create a range of products able to fully meet the requirements of the distribution channels as well as to guarantee high quality standards. To Elios Group, quality means assuring the best performances, both for the product features (size, sugar content, commercial size) and for the safety of the final consumer (or healthiness), yet with an additional benefit: the whole production process fully complies with ethic, social and environmental values. The products' working is carried out by two modern packaging and storage warehouses under the direct management of the group.
The product comes from carefully selected farms. Most of the production comes from a farm land of about 300 hectares directly managed by the group. Elios' distinctive features are quality and control guaranteed for all the products and for the different working typologies. Full compliance with health and hygienic prescriptions is guaranteed for all the stages of the production cycle - from field production to harvesting, from working to transport - besides the possibility to check at any time position, origin and final destination of every single packaging through an on-line product traceability system.

Elios Group's strong points are:
1.A single production disciplinary, addressed to:
- Producers, whose agricoltural practices comply with the above.
- Agronomists whose regular assistance guarantees the product's observance of the aforesaid production disciplinary.
- Top professionals, adequately skilled in the markets requirements.
2.The product's working, by a specialized staff skilled in the necessary hygienic good practices, is carried out in field or in the two working warehouses IFS and GlobalGAP opt.2 certified.
3.The marketing structure, managed by professionals able to understand and recognize the markets' demands.

All this guarantees QUALITY AND SAFETY, therefore RELIABILITY.